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At FedEx Air Ops it's not just pilots and flight teams that provide for the safe and swift arrival of packages and freight worldwide. From engineers modifying our Boeing and Airbus aircraft to technical specialists keeping our fleet safe, legal and reliable, you'll find all of our careers at FedEx Air Ops first class.

  • System engineers manage the configuration and currency of the aircraft systems we use on our fleet. Among other things, they support the fleet's hydraulics, environmental systems, braking components, and landing gear that operate in our fleet.
  • Structures engineers ensure the integrity of our aircraft fleet structures and aircraft compartments. Some of their responsibilities include supporting aircraft structural repairs, support of new system provisions installation and managing standards for our cargo loading systems.
  • Avionics engineers establish technical standards for fleet flight deck requirements, manage avionics equipment integration configurations and upgrades, and support troubleshooting of existing fleet equipment.
  • Propulsion engineers are responsible for developing technical standards and monitoring the fleet's powerplants. They also support repair work, and report reliability issues.
  • Performance and operations engineers develop and maintain operational aircraft performance data and software for takeoff and landing, weight and balance and flight planning. They also analyze aircraft performance capabilities and payload characteristics for the existing fleet and potential new aircraft types.
  • Maintenance program project engineers perform Continuing Analysis and Surveillance of FedEx Aircraft Maintenance Programs and associated data to ensure program effectiveness and efficiency while maintaining maximum safety and regulatory compliance and ensuring inherent reliability levels.
  • Simulator engineers typically come from an electronics or avionics background. They support the acquisition and operation of flight training devices for FedEx flights, ensuring maximum training availability.
  • Industrial engineers analyze data and make recommendations regarding optimization of resource and labor utilization. They standardize methods and develop production planning tools and reporting systems to improve safety, quality and productivity when planning and managing operational processes and projects.
  • Business analysts provide operational support to management. Among other things, they manage strategic projects such as new aircraft introduction, build and maintain models to perform financial and operational analysis to support management decision making, as well as analyze business processes to find and capitalize on opportunities for improvements. Analytical and quantitative skills plus proficiency in financial modeling are desired.
  • Maintenance planners take the standards developed by the aircraft manufacturer and synthesize them with standards provided by our engineering team. They develop a maintenance program for our fleet geared toward maximum safety, regulatory compliance and peak efficiency.
  • Maintenance program specialists will work with the maintenance planners. They research and interpret maintenance program requirements and create aircraft maintenance task cards based on the fleet maintenance program. They also act as a liaison with maintenance personnel to improve task cards.
  • Reliability analysts organize trend data based on fleet performance data to ensure we are meeting our standards. They also recommend new methods to improve the service experience of our customers.
  • Technical data specialist/Technical writers are technically trained writers who support the development of the technical publications necessary to safely and legally operate and maintain our fleet.
  • Supply chain professionals are responsible for procurement of material required for the operation and maintenance of our fleet. Responsibilities include sourcing, supply chain and inventory management of consumables and rotables for the FedEx fleet.
  • Sr. Business Analysts develop methods, processes & policies that promote effective management within Air Operations Division, guide the planning process and ensure operational and financial goals are met, and provide consulting services and project leadership to management for developing and implementing methods for process improvement.
  • Business Process Advisors support the development, documentation, and sustainment of business processes across the Materiel organization.
  • Materiel Aircraft Engineers provide engineering and technical specification support to Repair Quality Team to facilitate component repair, reduce repair turnaround time, minimize repair expense, and improve reliability. They also identify cost savings intiatives and provide technical assistance in obtaining approval for these initiatives.
  • Dependent Demand Specialists proactively engage constituents within Air Operations Division to compile all potential data and scenarios into a cohesive, clear picture of materiel demand requirements, assessing impact on materiel strategy, and incorporating this information into support plans.
  • Data Management Specialists manage, modify, and ensure the master/associated item data required for the materiel planning and associated systems are complete and accurate by using complex data analytic techniques.
  • Lead Sourcing Adivsors lead cross-functional teams to develop overarching sourcing strategy, lead sourcing events, and negotiate/execute contracts to support the Airline.
  • Materiel Project Specialists provide and manage on-site Materiel support for internal or external heavy maintenance or aircraft conversion facilities used by FedEx Express.
  • Warranty Management Specialists perform review and analysis of warranty information for Materiel to maximize the capture of warranty opportunities as well as participate in the development of favorable warranty contracts.
  • Inventory Planners influence policy and associated planning parameters, create the time-phased materiel plan, execute the inventory allocation plan, and actively manage to the allocation budget.
  • Inventory Strategists translate corporate operational and financial initiatives and goals into the overarching materiel inventory strategy and support the situational analysis of alternatives and implications.
  • Pilots – Applicants for flight crew positions should contact FedEx at for more information.

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